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Galán on Chingotto: "I was even nervous to train with him"


Alejandro Galán has chosen Argentine Federico Chingotto as his new partner following the split with Juan Lebrón. The Madrid native addressed this new project and expressed great enthusiasm for sharing the court with the 'Super Ratón'.

In the preceding days, Galán was already seen training with Chingotto. When asked about those initial moments, the Madrid native stated, "The first sensations with Chingotto are very good. I was even nervous to train with him, haha. He was the first person I called. I think we are going to fit together very well."

In the interview with El Partidazo, Galán mentioned that it felt strange to share the court with a new partner: "It felt weird to have a different partner by my side. With Chingotto, I intend to play in all the tournaments."

Chingotto and Galán will debut as a pair in the Venezuela P2 tournament, where Juan Lebrón and Momo González have also decided to register together.

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