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BREAKING: Lebron threatened opponents after the match — had to leave with security team


Juan Lebron approached and threatened Mike Yanguas and Javi Garrido after the scandalous match last Tuesday, according to sources to Padel Alto. The opponents had to leave the area with a security team. 
Now Ale Galan is expected to leave the partnership and Juan Lebron may be suspended for a longer time.

Ale Galan is leaving Juan Lebron after the scandalous scenes that unfolded during Tuesday's Premier Padel Round of 16 match between Galan/Lebron and Yanguas/Garrido.

The match was heated and after the incident there was a tense atmosphere outside the court. Juan Lebron hit a ball after they lost a point that was close to hitting Mike Yanguas.

The broadcast shows Yanguas coach and padel legend Juan Mieres running towards the referee after the incident. The game is paused for a few minutes as an angry atmosphere unfolds outside the court where an exchange of words takes place between Mieres and Lebron.

Forced to leave with security team

Padel Alto can now reveal that the conflict did not end there. According to reliable sources to the site, Juan Lebron approached Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas after the match in the media centre. Lebron said several inappropriate things and threatened the opponents, security guards had to remove him from the area.

According to reports, Juan Lebron then tried to approach Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas again. This resulted in Yanguas and Garrido leaving the facility with security teams. Something that the Spanish newspaper Sport was the first to write about.

FIP is now looking into suspending Juan Lebron for a longer period.

The Spanish newspaper Marca reported yesterday that Ale Galan has chosen to end its collaboration with Juan Lebron. The player is expected to explain more on his social media today.

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