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Swedish company first with world unique court: ”Suitable for both padel and pickleball”


The Swedish padel company Instantpadel has grown globally in recent years and delivered courts to a variety of locations around the world. Now they take the next step and present the world's first court that is suitable for both padel and pickleball. 

At the end of December, Padel Alto wrote about the padel court manufacturer Instantpadel, which in a completely unique way could install a court in only four hours without major groundwork. Now the company has presented the first court that works for both padel and pickleball.

”The pioneering mobile padel court company Instantpadel has today, alongside its exclusive flooring partner Versacourt, launched the world’s first dual padel and pickleball court surface, named Versacourt Pickleball Performance Tile, paving the way for a revolution for how the sports can coexist, particularly in the U.S. where pickleball is played by over 36.5 million people”.

The company states that this is the first time that a floor has been manufactured to fulfil the specifications for both pickleball and padel. CEO and co-founder Christoffer Granfelt says this about the announcement:

“The arrival of this world unique playing surface that caters for both padel and pickleball is a transformative moment for racket sports clubs and operators. The business opportunity to bring pickleball and padel onto the same playing surface and within the same court space aligns perfectly with the many multi-racket sport clubs that are considering how best to implement both sports into their offering at low risk".

He continues:

“In the U.S. especially, there are many new padel operators who want to provide pickleball as an entry point to players, given the greater knowledge of the sport amongst the American public. This innovative flooring allows operators an opportunity to introduce padel all the while respecting the popularity and draw of pickleball to their players. This solution allows operators to take the less risky option for their venues, all the while saving costs and providing the perfect platform to maximise the number of players that want to try both sports. This is a win win solution that can benefit private clubs and public facilities across the U.S. and worldwide.”

In recent years, Instant Padel has installed around 150 courts in 17 different countries. Their courts have been installed in several places such as Luxorious Gleneagles, Soho Club, several places in city central London, On a boat in Kuwait, the Swiss Alps, by the beach in Cannes and shopping centres, to name just a few cool places.

Read an interview with Christoffer Granfelt here: The Swedish company has built courts in the Alps and on beaches: "Sir Andy Murray was there"

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