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Exclusive Interview - Vero Virseda: "With Martita, we'll play aggressive padel"


Vero Virseda is one of the big names in women's padel at the moment. Following the surprising breakup between Triay and Ortega, the has received Martita's call to form an exciting project together.

Virseda, who had a strong finish to the year 2023 by consistently reaching the quarterfinals in the last 12 World Padel Tour tournaments and making it to two semifinals, gave an interview to Padel Alto where she shared her feelings about her new partner and the start of the 2024 season.

QUESTION: How is the preseason going for you?

ANSWER: Honestly, I'm tired, which means we're doing things right. It was an unusual start to the preseason due to some ups and downs. But I'm happy with my performance from January until now. I'm really looking forward to competing again.

Q: How does a change in partners during preseason affect your preparation?

A: It's been a tough transition. Aranza and I started training late because she, for personal reasons, had to stay longer in Argentina. But well, I believe all changes are for the better in life, and with work, perseverance, and sacrifice, you can't regret anything later. No matter who my partner is, that's been the motto from the beginning.

Q: Were you surprised by the breakup of Gemma and Marta?

A: No, not really. In the end, players like us who aim to be number 1 want things to go well and give our best performance, but often the results don't follow. That leads to considering a change. As they said, it's been a complicated transition, they've made efforts but it didn't work out.

Q: What was it like when you received Marta's call?

A: It was a difficult moment. I had started a project with Aranza, and decisions like these are hard to accept and to present to the other party. But I've always said that opportunities should be seized. I'm not a 20-year-old player anymore, and that's why I decided to take the train.

Q: Did Aranza take it well?

A: Aranza is an exceptional person. Few things bother her. She's very positive, very cheerful, especially with those of us who know her more closely. She understood my decision. We're looking forward to playing the P1 in Riyadh. We've been organizing that trip with excitement.

Q: Do you think Marta will give you that extra to break the semifinal barrier?

A: Yes, she's a player similar to me. We both like hard work, constant effort, and never giving up. All players who compete want to win and take a step forward in the rankings. I always aim for a little more. Of course, Marta will be an added value to reach the final rounds, but with all the partners I've had, I've aimed to reach the finals, even though opponents may surpass you.

Q: You previously played with Claudia Jensen. How do you adapt to the change from playing with a left-hander to a right-hander?

A: Every change is a different process. With Claudia, the advantage was that she was left-handed, so we shared the aerial game 50/50. With a right-handed player, you have to cover more in the central area. But I'm a very physical player, that's my main strength. I don't consider myself a talented player, so anything that involves running suits me well.

Q: How do you imagine your partnership with Marta?

A: Many people don't know this, but Marta and I have a very good relationship since I started in this sport. We know each other very well, especially on the court. We've shared team and regional tournaments. As she's also a very physical player, I believe we'll be strong in that aspect. We'll try to play short points, not prolong them too much. We'll set up a more aggressive game.

Q: Also, in Doha, you'll come out as the number 4 pair and can avoid the top pairs until the semifinals.

A: It's a great advantage, but women's padel has been evolving for many years, and you can encounter very strong pairs in the early rounds. Obviously, you avoid the tough opponents until the end, but there are challenging rivals from the beginning.

Q: Finally, as a player, do you notice the evolution of padel globally?

A: Yes, we've been seeing an evolution for a couple of years now. Many people are betting on the sport. Big companies are emerging, which is good for players because it makes everything more professional. This is what we aspired to, for conditions to improve and to be recognized.

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