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The president of the Ultimate Padel Tour revealed the secrets of the new circuit


Hector Sepulveda, president of the Ultimate Padel Tour, revealed some of the innovative advances that this new circuit will propose, which will debut next week in A Coruña.

In an interview with Padel20, the Mexican entrepreneur indicated that his step towards professional padel was born out of his great passion for the sport and the opportunity he has seen in Spain due to the absence of the recently disappeared World Padel Tour.

"I love padel and I have always wondered why it doesn't reach the level of tennis. I see a huge opportunity. It is the most important sport in Spain and we wanted to propose an alternative to give the country what it deserves. We saw an opportunity due to the void that was created," he pointed out during the interview on Twitch.

Furthermore, Sepulveda revealed that the Ultimate Padel Tour will seek to innovate technologically: "In tennis, everything seems faster because there are no objects between the court and the camera. In padel, we have the glass walls and the net. We are testing cutting-edge technology that allows visually eliminating these objects. It will be crazy."

The circuit will start next week in A Coruña, Galicia. Sepulveda showed his most self-critical and realistic side by ensuring that they expect several imperfections typical of a first-time event during this tournament, but they will improve.

On the other hand, he was surprised by the great acceptance of the players and the number of registered pairs: "Our communication campaign was not the best. The fact that so many pairs have signed up despite that means that we have managed to reach the players with the message and with what we propose."

The Ultimate Padel Tour in A Coruña will feature great players such as Agustín Gutiérrez, Javi Leal, Campagnolo, Sofi Araújo, and many more.

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