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Belasteguín returns - The legend is back to training


After two months of inactivity, Fernando Belasteguín has finally returned to training. The former number one is beginning his preparation for the debut at the Riad P1 Premier Padel.

Belasteguín's last match had been on December 6th at the Milano P1. In that match, despite the victory against Quilez and Bueno, elbow discomfort reappeared, and he had to withdraw from the tournament.

From there, the former world number one began a tough recovery process that has paid off. Belasteguín has announced that he is finally returning to training.

"I am very happy to be back on the court after two months. We will gradually increase the intensity, but I am happy that my elbow allows me to train again. Let's go, we're almost there!" Belasteguín stated on social media.

Fernando Belasteguín will have Lucho Capra as his partner this season, the brand new signing of Wilson. Belasteguín once again chooses a left-handed player after his recent experiences with Sanyo and Yanguas.

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