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An automotive powerhouse scores big with 9 padel superstars


Padel is the fastest-growing sport  and continues to attract world-class brands. This time, Alpine is making a strong move by signing 9 professional players.

The renowned French sports car brand has chosen the Hexagon Cup as the ideal stage to make this significant announcement. Alpine has added Arturo Coello, Martín Di Nenno, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Álex Ruiz, Lucho Capra, Tamara Icardo, Alejandra Salazar, Alejandra Alonso, and Claudia Fernández to what they have named the "A-Padel squad."

The majority of these players unveiled the logo of their new sponsor at the Hexagon Cup. Meanwhile, the brand has expressed on social media its enthusiasm for joining the padel fever: "A dynamic, spectacular, and popular sport whose DNA is shared with that of Alpine."

Padel continues to grow exponentially, with an increasing number of top global companies investing in the sport.

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