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Juan Martín Díaz unveils his new brand


The legend Juan Martín Díaz ends his long-standing relationship with DropShot and announces his new sponsorship with one of the giants in the padel industry.

The former world number 1 embarks on a new adventure in his career after announcing his retirement from the professional competition. Following his successful tenure with DropShot, Juan Martín Díaz joins Bullpadel, which has placed its bet on this icon.

The brand dedicated a very emotional post to the Argentine on social media: “From Bullpadel, we are immensely proud to start a new path of the hand of one of the best players in history."

Juan Martín Díaz's debut with the brand took place during the first day of the Hexagon Cup with Paquito Navarro as his partner, another franchise player of Bullpadel. And what a way to do it, as they managed to defeat none other than Agustín Tapia and Jon Sanz in two sets.

Following the announcement of the talented young player Pablo Cardona, Bullpadel continues to grow and secures an absolute legend.

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