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Javi Garrido leaves racket brand: ”Toughest decision of my career”


Javi Garrido has played with Starvie since the beginning of his career.
But now the collaboration is coming to an end.

World star Javi Garrido has been playing with Starvie since the beginning of his career. The racket brand has been with him during his journey to the top. Today, he is ranked 21st in the world.

A few weeks ago, Padel Alto reported that Javi Garrido is expected to leave his racket brand. This was confirmed today.

"The most difficult decision in my career as an athlete. StarVie and I are parting ways after 13 years together. Thank you for accompanying me and giving me the opportunity to become a professional padel player".

Javi Garrido will play with Mike Yanguas next season.

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