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New tour presented — wants to challenge the world of padel


Ultimate Padel Tour.
This is the name of a new tour that focuses on competitions in Spain with big prize money and beneficial offers for the players.
Here's everything we know about the new tour.

Interest in padel is growing globally. More and more people are becoming interested and want to invest in the sport. Now another company has presented a new tour that will organise the majority of the competitions in Spain with 280.000 € in prize money for each competition.

The new tour has been named the Ultimate Padel Tour. A total of 15 competitions will be held, with twelve of the competitions being played in Spain. There will be equal prize money in both classes, with the winners receiving just over 11.699 € per player.

The top players will also be rewarded with prize money at the end of the year based on their ranking. 360.000 € will be awarded as bonuses. There will also be a bonus for players under the age of 21 who are not in the top 20 of the "regular" ranking.

New ranking

In each event, 48 pairs will participate, with eight of the pairs having made it through the qualifying rounds. The tour will arrange a Master Final at the end of the year where the best 16 players participate.

Ultimate Padel Tour writes this about the ranking:

"The UPT will welcome all players, from all existing circuits, so its initial first rankings will be created for the first year, using the various rankings that have existed to date. We understand that the WPT ranking is the one that is the most important, without forgetting the need to take into account the FIP and A1P rankings. The rankings for 2024 will be as follows: 60% WPT, 25% FIP and 15% A1P".

The tour also writes that they will offer financial support for hotel, transfer and travel and no penalties for participating in other competitions that are not related to the tour.

The people behind this are said to have extensive experience with international companies such as Amazon and Netflix.

The first competition is scheduled for mid-February. However, no further information has been provided. It remains to be seen if the tour becomes a reality and how it will affect the world of padel.

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