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Legend's decision - renews contract with Nox: ”Had it since 2008”


Miguel Lamperti will continue to play at least one more season - and it is now clear that he will do so with the racket brand he has been playing with since 2008.

The 45-year-old legend Miguel Lamperti will continue to play at the highest level next season. It is now clear that he is extending his contract with the Nox racket brand.

”I am very happy to continue for another year with the brand that I have been working with since 2008”; he wrote on his social channels after the announcement.

He continued:

”My boss asked me if I wanted one, two and, laughing, he said five more years. And yes, we have renewed for another year of competition. So I'm very happy”.

Loyal to the brand since arriving in Spain

Lamperti has been playing with Nox since leaving his native Argentina for better training and competition opportunities in Spain in 2008.

Nox also has the Argentinian Agustin Tapia in the team and in recent years has started an academy with young promising talents in Barcelona, Nox Padel Academy is managed and coached by Pablo Crosetti who is the coach of Agustin Tapia.

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