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Paquito and Sanyo reunite with coach: ”I didn't hesitate”


Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez will be reunited for the new season. 
It is also clear that coach Ramiro Choya will return to the bench.

Paquito and Sanyo played together in 2016 and 2017. The pair managed to win eight titles together and challenged giants Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima for victory.

Now the players are reuniting to begin a new partnership together.

”(In) 2024 we will play together again and I am really happy and grateful that he gave me this chance and that he continues to trust me at almost 40 years of age. I promise work and effort on the physical side”, Sanyo Gutiérrez previously wrote on his Instagram.

Now the Spanish newspaper Relevo confirms that coach Ramiro Choya is returning to the bench. He was the coach of the players in their previous collaboration:

— I think all three of us have good memories of 2016-2017 and when the possibility of a second term appeared, I didn't hesitate for a moment. I was very happy with them and I can't find two players that I really want to continue learning from," Choya tells Relevo.

He continues:

— What we want is to be in good health and be competitive regardless of the court or opponent.

Paquito and Sanyo will be the fourth seeds when the new season starts at the end of February. Choya says that he will be sharing the work with Jordi Muñoz.

— Paco and I agree on how we look at life in general, although there is a big age difference. From there it is much easier to work professionally, as we share goals and behaviour in the face of adversity and success.

He continues:

— I will share the job of coach with a good friend Jordi Muñoz. 

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