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Summary: Here are the best men's pairs of 2024


From this year, Premier Padel will be the official world tour. The top men's pairs are now confirmed for the new season.
Here are the top ten pairs. 

1. Juan Lebron and Ale Galan

During the autumn there was a lot of speculation that Galan and Lebron would split up. But the players decided to stay together. After a tough start to the season, the players finished the season strong, winning five out of ten titles.

The ranking for next year is still not finalised, but there are many indications that Lebron and Galan will start as number one.

2. Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia

Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia started the season in the best possible way. The pair won 46 straight matches and were unstoppable. But the players had a tougher autumn, winning "only" two competitions after the summer break.

In an interview with La Tercera, Tapia talked about the difficulties of staying on top and finding motivation. He said the goal for next season is to "regain the motivation and be able to keep it for a longer period of time".

3. Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno

Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno also continue together. The pair won the first Premier Padel competition but then struggled against Tapia/Coello in the spring. Di Nenno/Stupa eventually managed to break the world number one's winning streak.

The pair had a great season and won a total of seven titles.

4: Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez

Paquito and Sanyo played together in 2016 and 2017. The pair managed to win eight titles together and challenged giants Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima for tictories.

Now the players are reunited to begin a new partnership together.

5. Momo González and Federico Chingotto

Momo González and Federico Chingotto also start a collaboration together. Chingotto ended the season in the best possible way by winning the Masters Final with Paquito. But the players parted ways to start new partnerships.

New partner Momo González played with several different partners last season and ended the year on the forehand side. Now he returns to the backhand.

6. Fernando Belasteguín and Lucho Capra

Lucho Capra played alongside Maxi Sanchez for much of 2023. Now he's pairing up with another legend—the greatest in the world of padel and constantly looking for a left-handed partner.

7. Juan Tello and Álex Ruiz

The players started their partnership together at the beginning of last year. The pair's best result last season was a final place in Málaga. But Ruiz and Tello have also had a tough time, leaving many tournaments early. They ended the season as the sixth-ranked pair on the World Padel Tour.

8. Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini

Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini will also continue in the upcoming season. The pair's best result was a semi-final place in Sweden. Ruiz/Bergamini reached the round of 16 and quarter-finals in the majority of events. They have a much higher FIP ranking as the pair made it to the Premier Padel final in Milan in 2022. It remains to be seen if the players will maintain their high position when the 2024 rankings are presented.

9. Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz

Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto played together at the Vienna Open at the end of May. The pair achieved successful results and reached a semi-final. However, the pair ended their partnership after just one tournament together as Sanz had been asked to share the court with Ale Galan.

Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz reunited when Juan Lebron returned to the court. Their best result in the autumn was a final place in Finland.

10. Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas

Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas also begin a collaboration. Both players played together with a variety of partners last year. Now a new season awaits where the players will share the court to take further steps in their careers.

The rankings for 2024 are not finalised. The list above is based on the 2023 FIP rankings. 

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