Pro Padel League

World star joins the Pro Padel League


After the first season, interest in the PPL has skyrocketed. Next year, a season with several world stars awaits. 
Now it is clear that Federico Chingotto is also joining the tour.

Federico Chingotto is the latest to join the American PPL, with the New York Atlantics Padel Club signing the star.

”We are so happy to present our first player to the New York Atlantics Padel Club 2024. He is ranked 7th in the world”, the team announced in a press release.

”I want to tell you that I will be playing for New York Atlantics. I am super excited to be part of this team. Really looking forward to going to New York. Let's go, team,” Chingotto said on his Instagram.

The New York Atlantics Padel Club will announce even more players to the team during the week.

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