International Padel

The legend ends a remarkable 30-year career this week


The time has come for one of the sport's greats, Juan Martin Díaz, to hang up his racket. This week he will play his last professional tournament. This marks the end of the career of another star who has helped build the sport.

With his nearly 14 years as world number one, Juan Martin Diaz will forever be one of the top references in world padel. This week, the Argentinean's remarkable 30-year journey at the highest level in the world will come to an end.

He bids farewell to the court at the age of 47, putting an end to a successful professional career that has turned him into a legend in the sport.

In a previous interview with Mundo Deportivo, he said:

"Until the end of this year, unless something unforeseen happens, I will continue playing. Beyond that, I will not do it. Moreover, I will do everything to do so because there is always something that bothers me, and I think that is what frustrates me on the court, whether it is with myself or my partner - the frustration of not being able to perform as I wish".

This week he is playing his last professional tournament. Tomorrow he and Lamperti will play the qualifying pair Pablo González and Nicolás Zurita. If they win, Agustín Gutiérrez and Sanyo Gutiérrez will probably be next.

In a possible quarter-final, the pair will probably play against Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia.

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