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World star ready for padel competition with his own team: ”I love how easy it is to play”


The first edition of the HexagonCup will take place early next year. It's a team competition where players compete for prestige and big prize money. 
Now it's confirmed that tennis player Andy Murray will participate with his team.

The first Hexagon Cup event will be held at the Madrid Arena in Spain between 31 January and 4 February 2024. Six teams will participate in the competition, each with men's, women's, and a talent pair competing for one million euros.

During the autumn, the organizers have announced several teams, and more are expected to present. One of the teams that will participate is the Hexagon Team with Paquito Navarro and Alejandra Salazar. It is also official that Rafa Nadal Academy and football star Robert Lewandowski have a team in the competition.  

Andy Murray: ”We are helping to develop the sport”

Today, the organizers announced another team in the competition with Andy Murray as a team leader:

”I’m excited to become part of the ownership group for a team in the inaugural Hexagon Cup.  I invested in Game4Padel a few years ago to help try and grow the sport in the UK – it’s already huge in South America, the Middle East, and parts of Europe”,  said Murray in a press release.

He continued:

”I love the fact it’s easy to play, fun, and social, so it will get people of all ages and abilities picking up a racket and giving it a go. I’m working with friends of mine at AD Global Sports, and together, we’ll have fun over the next few years as we build a successful team and competition while also helping grow the sport”. 

The tennis player has not announced any players in his team but is expected to do so in the coming weeks.

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