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Superstar ready for padel competition with his own team: ”I’ve caught the padel fever”


Early next year, the first edition of the HexagonCup will take place. A team competition where players compete for prestige and big prize money. It is now clear that professional soccer player Robert Lewandowski will participate with his own team.

The first Hexagon Cup event will be held at the Madrid Arena in Spain between 31 January and 4 February 2024. A total of six teams will take part in the competition, with each team having a men's pair, a women's pair and a talent pair that will compete for a total of one million euros.

During the autumn, the organizers have announced several teams and more are expected to present. One of the teams that will participate is Hexagon Team with Paquito Navarro and Alejandra Salazar. It is also clear that Rafa Nadal Academy has a team in the competition, but no players have been presented.

"Biggest sport after football"

Today the organizers presented another team in the competition with Robert Lewandowski as team leader:

”Padel is the biggest sport in Spain after football and since living and playing here, I’ve caught the padel fever”, says Lewandowski.

He continues:

"‍“As I look to the future, I can see many opportunities. Padel will grow even more around the world. I heard about the Hexagon Cup and loved the concept of attracting Team Owners from different sports. This is my chance to take my passion for sport to the next level. The creation of the RL9 team is an exciting move for me. I’m thrilled to be joining the padel community, and I’m now committed to signing the best players and creating what I hope will be a championship winning team!”".

The professional footballer has not announced any players in his team but is expected to do so in the coming weeks.

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