Pro Padel League

Daddy Yankee presents his team in the PPL: ”This team will change the face of the sport”


After the first season, interest in the PPL has skyrocketed. Now, a season with several world stars awaits. 
Now another team is joining the American league. 

"Global music icon and entrepreneur Daddy Yankee, is thrilled to announce the official name of their Orlando Franchise for the Pro Padel League (PPL) as the: Flowrida Goats. This revolutionary team aims to bring a fresh perspective to padel and revolutionize the sport with their dynamic playing style.", writes the team in a press release.

”We will give more flow to padel, this team will change the face of the sport", says Daddy Yankee.

PPL founder Marcos del Pilar appreciates the team's influence in the league:

“We are honored to have a global icon like Daddy Yankee be a part of the Pro Padel League and for his franchise to unveil their team name and branding for the 2024 season”,  said Marcos del Pilar, the founder of the PPL.

In addition to introducing the team name, Flowrida Goats also presented its brand and logo.

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