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Mike Yanguas on the Master Final: ”I will probably play with him”


There is only one more WPT tournament left before the big and prestigious Master Final. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, Mike Yanguas tells who he will probably play the tournament with.

December will see the last WPT tournament in history, or at least the last tournament with Damms concept. Premier Padel will take over the world tour next year after the takeover was announced in August.

The last event will be the Master Final in Barcelona. During this year's competitions, players collect points for the WPT race and then try to qualify for the prestigious event. The top 16 players with the most ranking points from 2023 will earn a spot in the competition.

Mike Yanguas is currently in 15th place in the race and it would take a lot for him not to qualify for the Master Final. However, his partner Fernando Belasteguín will miss the competition due to his lack of points. The Argentinian legend will also miss the WPT event in Mexico due to injury problems and has no chance of taking the last seat in the final.

This means that Mike Yanguas will have to form a new team. Sanyo Gutiérrez is also without a partner so it looks like Yanguas and Gutiérrez will be sharing the court at the Master Final.

— We will talk about it the week before, and most likely I will play with Sanyo. In fact, I've already told him to practise the rulo from the backhand side. I would have been very happy to play with Bela, to be honest, in his house.... he treats me really well there and makes incredible breakfasts for me. If it is my turn to play with Dani (Sanyo), I will be very happy because he is a great player, Yanguas told Marca.

The Master Final will be played on 14-17 December. 

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