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LIST: This is how much prize money women players have won at the World Padel Tour this season


During the season, the WPT players have had an intense schedule with a lot of competitions. Here are the ten women players who have earned the most on the World Padel Tour so far this season.

10. Sofia Araujo: €58.964

8. Tamara Icardo: €63.399

8. Virginia Riera: €63.399

7. Marta Ortega: €89.081

6. Delfina Brea: €91.601

5. Beatriz Gonzalez: €95.162

4. Alejandra Salazar: €99.370

3. Gemma Triay: €132.603

1. Paula Josemaria: €162.639

1. Ariana Sanchez: €162.639

Source: World Padel Insider

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