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EXTRA: Navarro and Chingotto withdraw from the upcoming WPT tournament


Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro will not play in the upcoming Swedish World Padel Tour tournament.

The crowd favorites Federico Chingotto (7) and Paquito Navarro (8) are withdrawing from the Malmö World Padel Tour competition. The reason behind the heavy news is that Chingotto has suffered an injury, the World Padel Tour organization announced on Monday on its social media.

It is currently unknown what type of injury the world player has sustained.

The Chingotto/Navarro duo has recently shown an improving form and reached the final of the Amsterdam Open in October.

The crowd favorites were fourth-seeded in the Swedish Padel Open and would have faced José Rico and Miguel Benitez in the first match. It is currently unclear whether the seats will be replaced by "lucky losers" or whether the pair will proceed on a walkover.

The main round begins on Wednesday. 


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