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Ale Galan on his partnership with Juan Lebron


There is always a lot of speculation in the padel world. In recent months, the partnership between Galan and Lebron has been discussed. 
Now Ale Galan is speaking out about the rumor.

The season is coming to an end. This will result in several couples going their separate ways to start new partnerships. At the same time, there is a lot of speculation about the best couples.

During the fall, several unconfirmed sources have reported that Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron are expected to separate. Now Galan is speaking out about the rumor:

— We have had difficult situations as a team, it is a fact, that we had to look for improvement and with an important individual work. From that point, we remain committed, and at the end of the year, we will evaluate what has been good and bad. Now we focus on what's left, it's a great ending and we don't want to be distracted, Galan told Marca.

The world number five also says that there is always speculation about their partnership:

-— These kinds of messages have been coming to me almost since the first year with Juan, especially when the summer is over and the couples start to move on, we are always in the speculation. From the first year, I got messages on social media telling me to separate. Everything comes to me the same way, even with people asking you for a photo they say that comment. But yes, I give you my word that it hasn't been anything, if it had been, it would have been said because we are a team and always pushing forward.

The pair have had a tough season with injuries that have resulted in the pair having to miss several tournaments and not getting the results. Galan says they are on their way back.

— Juan is a person who has never had any injury problems, he practically doesn't even sweat when he competes, he's a prodigy. He had to solve it, which was new for him, he is a person who is always on the court and loves to train. I found Lebron full of doubts, and that's when the game changed, of course. We have worked as much as we could, with resources that I had not used until now. Add to this the fact that the calendar hardly allows you to train, and you let yourself be dragged down by the bad emotions of the competitions. We have had ups and downs until we almost reached our best level.

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