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Multiple Premier Padel venues leaked for 2024 — here are the venues


Spain will have at least five Premier Padel competitions in 2024 and the Premier Finals will be played in Barcelona, according to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo. 
Here are the venues.

Only a few years ago, it was unusual for the World Padel Tour to leave the borders of Spain. For 2024, it looks completely different, the sport is facing globalization and internationalization, with the acquisition of the World Padel Tour by Premier Padel and Qatar Sports Investments, padel will now live up to its full potential and be played across more countries and continents.

But the world's biggest padel country, Spain, can count on several Premier Padel tournaments even in 2024, according to the newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

"Spain must continue to be the most important country in the padel world and it will be in 2024," Luigi Carraro told the newspaper when asked about internationalization.

"We know how important Spain is for padel, the fans, the brands, and the media," said Rob Mitchell, commercial director of Premier Padel.

Premier Finals in Barcelona

The newspaper reports that Premier Padel's first season will end in Barcelona, just like the World Padel Tour's Master Final, the Premier Finals will be played in the city during December.

The Spanish capital Madrid will also unsurprisingly keep its successful P1 tournament played in September. It will once again be played at the WiZink Arena. 

But the big winner and newcomer to the Premier Padel calendar, according to Mundo Deportivos, is Andalusia. Of the five competitions that will be held on Spanish soil, two of these will be in the region in southern Spain. The exact venue is not yet clear, but in addition to the padel city of Malaga, Seville is well located.

Sevilla, Paquito Navarro's hometown, which has been outside the WPT calendar in recent years, is again interested in hosting world padel now that Premier Padel is the organizer.

The fifth city is currently open, according to the Spanish newspaper.

The candidates mentioned are Valencia, Valladolid, and Bilbao. In Valladolid, perhaps the most iconic WPT tournament has been held in previous years in the middle of the Plaza Mayor. It remains to be seen if it will be played at that location in the future, but the audience would miss that tournament greatly if it is not on the 2024 calendar.

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