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Paquito Navarro on the goal of the season: ”I think Chingotto deserves it”


Paquito Navarro has been sharing the court with Federico Chingotto since April. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper 20minutos, the Spanish player talks about the collaboration and his goal for the season.

Paquito Navarro had a tough start to the season. The Spanish player continued his partnership with Juan Tello without achieving successful results. After just a few competitions, the pair announced that they are going their separate ways.

World number eight Paquito Navarro started a partnership with Federico Chingotto and went back to the backhand side.

”The truth is that when I started with Chingotto I was coming out of a very bad period, I wasn't winning any matches. Trying to play on the right was an experience that I don't regret, but I discovered that it wasn't my place. I feel sorry for the unlucky "gato" (Juan Tello, former partner) who had to deal with me when I played in that position,” Navarro tells 20minutos.

He continues:

”With "Chingo" I've found a classic forehand that brings out my best version again, so I'm very happy and very grateful to Chingotto.”

The pair have reached the final of both the Premier Padel and World Padel Tour, but are still chasing their first title together. A goal the Spanish player hopes they can achieve this year.

”It is impossible to fight for first place, which is always the goal set at the beginning of the year, but we want to win a title, which is a great joy that I think "Chingo" deserves. I think he has the level, courage and will to make it happen and I hope I can give it to him before the end of the year,” said Paquito Navarro. 

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