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Gemma Triay about next season: ”The format will be very similar to tennis”


At the end of August, the news came out that Premier Padel's owners are buying the World Padel Tour and that it will be one and the same professional tour. 
Now Gemma Triay speaks out about the new tour.

It has been speculated for a long time and Padel Alto has previously reported information indicating that Premier Padel and the World Padel Tour will be combined in 2024. But at the end of August the final announcement came: Premier Padel's owner Qatar Sports Investment buys the World Padel Tour and from next year it will be one and the same tour.

The Spanish magazine Relevo has interviewed Gemma Triay about her expectations for the new tour.

”It has been two very turbulent years with the rise of Premier Padel and the mess with the World Padel Tour. In the end, it has been sorted out and next year we will have a calendar with 24 events and the Masters Final. We will be obliged to play the main tournaments, but then we will be able to choose between the others depending on each player's conditions. The format will be very similar to tennis”.

She continues:

"I think there will be a before and after with the new tour. We've had three unbeatable Premier tournaments, it's very difficult to compete with places like Roland Garros".

Triay: ”Now is the time to keep growing”

Gemma Triay also explains what the World Padel Tour has meant for the sport:

”Thanks to the World Padel Tour, padel is where it is right now. There are things that they have done better and less well, but I can say that the development that padel has had since the WPT started is incredible. We have to be aware of the tournaments we played years ago and what we play now. The stadiums are full, TV, video reviews, prize money. Now it's time to keep growing”.

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