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Alejandra Salazar on her comeback: ”At a better level without pain”


Alejandra Salazar missed several competitions during the summer as she recovered from surgery. Now the player tells Spanish magazine 20minutos about her time off the court and her comeback.

Alejandra Salazar announced in early June that she would be off the court for a while due to an elbow injury. She had been playing with discomfort in her right elbow for over two years and experienced limited movement.

”The hardest thing is the day when you decide to have the surgery and you get scared that the surgery will not go well and that you might have already played your last tournament. Even though I'm positive and have been through surgery more than once, you still have that worry that you might not play again. On the other hand, the best day was when I played for the first time and had no pain. Then I said: "Wow, how good that I did the surgery"”, Salazar tells 20minutos.

She continues:

”I don't remember crying, but I was thrilled, very excited and motivated to start training because I could see that I could be at a better level than before without pain and without that limitation in my elbow”. 

At the end of August, Salazar returned to the court and has since played five tournaments.

”I feel pretty good considering all the tournaments we've played this year. I had elbow surgery three months ago and my comeback to the court couldn't have been better. In the first competition I felt very flexible in my arm, with no pain, and to compete like that is wonderful”.

Alejandra Salazar teamed up with Sofia Araujo on her return to the court. The player says that the goal for this year is to strengthen the collaboration and win a tournament:

”I think we are still in a development process. My goal is to maintain the vision after so many years and now combine that with the new challenges of changing partners, which is quite tough. Hopefully, we can win a tournament, the goal is to continue to strengthen the cooperation and win a tournament”.

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