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Argentina won the Pan-American Championships - Here are all the medals


Last week the Pan-American Championships took place.
Here are all the medallists.

As expected, Argentina won the gold on the men's side. The defending world champions didn't bring their best team, but players like Federico Chingotto, Miguel Lamperti and Leo Augsburger were there. They won 2-1 in the final against Brazil.

On the women's side, the tournament was more open. Brazil ended up taking the gold after beating Argentina in the final. 


  1. Gold: Brazil
  2. Silver: Argentina
  3. Bronze: Mexico
  4. Chile
  5. Venezuela
  6. Ecuador


  1. Gold: Argentina
  2. Silver: Brazil
  3. Bronze: Chile
  4. Ecuador
  5. Mexico
  6. Venezuela
  7. Uruguay
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