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Bahrain Grand Master cancelled: ”It is our obligation to protect the players”


There will not be an A1 tournament in Bahrain.
The circuit has announced the cancellation of the tournament because the organizers did not fulfill the terms of the contract.

The Bahrain Grand Master is canceled. A1 Padel announces this in a press release:

”Unfortunately, the organizing company of Bahrain did not comply on time with the points established in the signed contract and before facing an event without guarantees for the circuit and players”:

The event would have occurred on 19-25 November and would have been the second Grand Master tournament of the year. A1 Padel writes that the decision is to protect the players.

”The Board of Directors of A1 Padel, as warned in the last statement, decided to remove this tournament from the 2023 calendar. we must protect the players and the circuit”.

Now, only two A1 tournaments remain for the season. These are the Puebla Open and the Miami Master.

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