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After Bela's injury - here is Yanguas new partner


Next week is the WPT Menorca Open, which will feature several new pairs on the men's side. Here is the summary.

The entry list for the World Padel Tour's upcoming tournament, Menorca Open, is now official. As Padel Alto has previously reported, several new pairs will make their debut in the tournament after a series of breakups and pairings.

Gonzalo Rubio/Pincho Fernandez (9): Gonzalo Rubio and Alex Arroyo chose to go their separate ways after the Amsterdam Open. It is now clear that Pincho Fernandez will be Rubio's new partner.

Mike Yanguas/Víctor Ruíz (10): Mike Yanguas is paired with Víctor Ruíz as his regular partner Fernando Belasteguín is injured. Ruíz has previously teamed up with Lucas Bergamini.

Alejandro Arroyo/Eduardo Alonso (13): Gonzalo Rubio and Alex Arroyo decided to end their partnership after last week's WPT event. It is now clear that Arroyo is playing with Eduardo Alonso. 

Pablo Cardona/Javi Ruiz (17): It is now confirmed that Pablo Cardona and Pincho Fernandez have decided to separate. The same goes for Juan Belluati and Javi Ruiz who announced their decision last week. The separations have resulted in Cardona and Ruiz forming a couple.

Alex Chozas/Lucho Capra (18): Lucho Capra's partner Maxi Sanchez was forced to withdraw from the Round of 16 in Amsterdam due to an injury. It is now clear that Alex Chozas will be paired with Capra.

Juan Belluati/Arnau Ayats (19): The players form a new pairing. The Spanish-Argentine team is 19th on the list

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