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Bela confirms: Will not participate in Menorca — could miss the Master Final


Fernando Belasteguín was absent from the WPT tournament in the Netherlands. Now the player confirms that he will miss the next competition as well.

Fernando Belasteguín and Mike Yanguas were forced to withdraw from the last WPT event due to "Bela"'s injury problems.

The legend tells on Instagram that he will also miss the WPT tournament in Menorca.

— As you already know, I missed the tournament in Amsterdam. I will miss Menorca. I have an injury in my elbow due to overuse. I already know very well what a tendon (elbow) injury is. I will take it very slowly and heal it.

He continues

— I want to finish the year by playing in the last tournaments. It is a year with many competitions, so I will train in the mornings, afternoons, and nights to recover the tendon properly. I want to be back on the court as soon as possible.

The player also risks missing the ticket to the Master Final as he is only 10 points away from 17th place in the WPT race. The top 16 players with the most ranking points from 2023 will get a seat in the event.

This would be the first time Bela has missed the event due to a lack of points. 

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