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After the success in Amsterdam — the couple separates


Gonzalo Rubio and Alex Arroyo managed to defeat the world number ones last Wednesday — a victory few have achieved this season. 
Now, the pair have announced that they are going their separate ways.

Gonzalo Rubio and Alex Arroyo started their collaboration at the beginning of the summer. The pair hasn't been able to get results and have often had to leave tournaments after the first round.

Last Wednesday, the duo shocked the padel world by defeating Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello. But the performance wasn't enough to keep the partnership going. Now, the players have announced that they are going their separate ways:

"Few knew it, but this tournament in Amsterdam was our last as a couple. I'm glad we got to say goodbye in the way we deserved," Gonzalo Rubio wrote on Instagram.

"Thanks to you, Gonzalo, for this time together; it has been a pleasure, and I have enjoyed being with you. I have a friend forever," Arroyo wrote on Instagram.

The players have not communicated any new collaborations yet. This will be confirmed tomorrow when entries are released for the Menorca Open. However, it is worth noting that Alex Arroyo is playing a FIP tournament this weekend with Eduardo Alonso. 

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