World Padel Tour

Top pair eliminated — another prestigious match will be played today


This week, the World Padel Tour takes place in the Netherlands, and the draw has resulted in several prestigious matches in the first round. 
Yesterday, Momo Gonzalez and Javier Garrido had to leave the tournament after losing their first match.

The World Padel Tour landed in the Netherlands again to bring top-level padel to Amsterdam. The draw for the competition is exciting, especially in the men's class, where several prestigious matches have taken place in the first round.

Momo Gonzalez and Javi Garrido played against Agustin Gutierrez and Sanyo Gutiérrez yesterday — a prestigious match between Momo and Sanyo, who recently decided to part ways and start new partnerships.

Sanyo Gutiérrez and his nephew Agustín Gutiérrez won the match after two even sets. The result was 7-5, 6-4 in favor of the Gutiérrez duo.

Today, another exciting match will be decided in Amsterdam. Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro will play against Lucho Capra and Maxi Sanchez.

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