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Stupaczuk on his partnership: "What is today can change tomorrow"


Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk have had an impressive season. The duo has won six titles during the season. In an interview with Spanish newspaper AS, Stupaczuk discusses the season and his partnership.

"Los Superpibes" Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk have won six titles this year, challenging the season's great giants Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello for the titles. The pair started the year by winning the first Premier Padel tournament, but on the World Padel Tour, it took twelve tournaments before Di Nenno Stupaczuk won their first title.

— Martin and I had always achieved good results together, and I expected us to have a good season. But of course, these giants, Tapia and Coello, came and started winning, and nobody noticed us. We were always there fighting, Stupaczuk told AS.

Three couples have won titles this season on the World Padel Tour: Tapia/Coello, Di Nenno/Stupaczuk, and Galan/Lebron. Franco Stupaczuk talks about the strengths and differences of the rivals.

— I understand that Tapia and Coello are more aggressive because adding a left-handed player to the equation gives them more power and options. Coello is also taller than Lebron, but Galan and Lebron are better at volleying, for example, which is very strong.

He continues:

— We, Martín and I, are a couple who play padel, and they create more of a show when they play, and you might like them more. For example, Messi plays football without so much dribbling, and Ronaldinho was the perfect dribbler. The fans will decide.

Stupaczuk: "Right now we are not considering a change"

Finally, Stupaczuk reveals that the pair will continue their partnership next year. However, the player says that everything could change tomorrow.

— Martin and I will still be a couple in 2024, that is clear to us. We are not currently considering a change, but you know how it is in the padel life: what is today can change tomorrow. 

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