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First Grand Master tournament of the year — A1 Padel enters New York this week


It's time for the highlight of the year when it comes to A1 Padel: New York Grand Master.

In July, Padel Alto reported that the New York Grand Master in August was postponed. The reason mentioned was administrative problems. But a few weeks later, the A1 tour announced that the event would be held in October instead.

It is now time for the A1 Tour to enter New York. A competition that, according to A1 boss Fabrice Pastor, will be groundbreaking.

— There is a before and an after. When New York takes something and improves it, it's endless. In terms of marketing, in terms of TV coverage. This is the start of something that we have been preparing for a long time," Pastor previously told Marca.

New York Grand Master

The competition starts today with the round of 16 and then the final takes place on Sunday. In total, the players will compete for just over €190,000 with the winners receiving around €36,000 each.

The favourites to win the tournament are Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco who have been the season's big stars on the A1 tour. The pair have won eight tournaments this year and are now chasing the Grand Master title this weekend.

The tour has made no secret of its focus on the American market, and the New York Yankees now own part of the A1 tour. In November, the tour will return for the Miami competition.

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