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After the discussions – he plays backhand


Mike Yanguas and Federico Chingotto are playing FIP Platinum in Sardinia together. But the big question has been who would play backhand. Now it is confirmed that Chingotto will take the left side of the court. 

This week the FIP-Platinum will be held in Sardinia. It is the highest ranked FIP tournament after the Premier Padel tournaments. A lot of world players have chosen to participate in the competition to collect FIP points for next year.

Forehand players Mike Yanguas and Federico Chingotto chose to team up for the tournament.

Immediately, a debate began on social media about who would cover the left side of the court.

"Who plays backhand in Sardinia? I have it clear," Yanguas wrote on Instagram. The post resulted in many reactions from fans and world players as well.

Yesterday it was time for the players to start the FIP adventure and the answer would be revealed. It was Federico Chingotto who finally took the backhand side. The pair won their first match over Javier Barahona and Javier Garcia 6-2, 6-4.

This evening's the pair will face Ivan Ramirez and Pablo Garcia in the quarter-finals. 

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