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Breaking by Padel Alto: San Diego Stingrays signs Lamperti and Sanchez


The American PPL team, San Diego Stingrays, signs the two legends Miguel Lamperti and Maxi Sanchez. Padel Alto reveals that the players are set to play in the upcoming Pro Padel League season.

The newly launched American league, the Pro Padel League, continues to attract big names.

After Juan Martin Diaz was signed by New York Atlantics this summer, Padel Alto can now reveal two huge signings: Miguel Lamperti and Maxi Sanchez are set to join San Diego Stingrays, one of the seven clubs that participated in the league's first edition during 2023.

In a press release that Padel Alto has taken note of, the former world number one, Maxi Sanchez, says:

“I am excited to be entering this next chapter of my career by signing for the San Diego Stingrays. I am someone that has always relished a challenge and also been passionate about the growth of our beloved sport. To see padel start to make its move in the United States feels like a milestone for our sport, and for me the chance to compete for a city that craves its sport and entertainment as much as San Diego was an opportunity too good to miss. I can’t wait to get on court and help the Stingrays compete for the PPL title in 2024.”

Finished in fifth place

The San Diego Stingrays finished fifth out of seven teams in the first edition of the PPL held earlier in 2023.

Miguel Lamperti is currently number 40 in the WPT rankings. About his new club, the legend says:

”I could see that San Diego was the perfect team in which to launch my PPL career. For me, this is about seeing San Diego compete for the highest prize, but it’s also about engaging a community in California around our exhilarating sport at a time when padel is beginning its American journey.”

Armando Rodiel, co-owner and coach of the San Diego Stingrays, said of the new signings: 

“Today’s announcement is a true sign of our ambition to compete at the highest level. Maxi and Miguel are two giants of Argentinean and global padel, and for the Stingrays to recruit them is a real coup and will act as an inspiration for our young, hungry, and improving team. We are excited to welcome them onto the court.”

The PPL teams will grow from seven to twelve teams in 2024. Season two will occur from April to May and September to October during the upcoming year. 

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