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Ari Sánchez on historic title: ”What we are achieving is something incredible”


Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría secured a historic title this weekend. 

Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría have had a brilliant season. The pair have won 13 titles and have been the season's great giants.

Yesterday, the pair secured another title and made history. The world number ones has now won as many titles as Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar managed last year on the World Padel Tour and one title on Premier Padel.

"I don't think we are aware of it; we are already playing a bit of inertia, but when we have some time, we will look back and see that what we are achieving is something incredible," said Sánchez after her last title. 

The pair also secured their 25th World Padel Tour title. A feat only the Belasteguin/Lima and Alayeto twins have beaten.

Won the final after eight match points

In this weekend's final against Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega, the world number one struggled to finish the match. Sánchez and Josemaría had a 5-1 lead in the second set but lost it to a tiebreak and missed seven match points.

"We played a great match. The first set was perfect. I think we had a 5-1 in the second set, with a very high level, and then I was a bit down when we had match points."

She continues:

"I think I missed them all, and I owed Paula one. That's why I gave her the last point, so she wouldn't get mad at me", Sánchez said with a smile. 

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