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Las Heras about her recovery ”Better to do it right than to do it fast”


Barbara Las Heras was injured on the court in March and has not been able to compete since. Now, the player tells the Spanish newspaper Relevo about the injury break and her future comeback.

During a match against Virginia Riera and Tamara Icardo this spring, Bárbara Las Heras had to retire due to a right knee injury.

The 29-year-old player predicted the bad news even then: "There is no doubt about the anterior cruciate ligament injury in my right knee, which will keep me out of competition for a while," she said.

Once it was confirmed that Las Heras had torn the ACL in her right knee, she had to undergo surgery in May, which the player said was successful.

Barbara Las Heras now tells the Spanish newspaper Relevo about the time after the injury:

”The most challenging moment was when I got injured; I knew I had something serious from the first moment. When I left the track, and the physiotherapist did a test, it confirmed what I had thought. On the way to the hospital, in the ambulance, I called my family to tell them, and that's when I collapsed. That day, I couldn't control my emotions; I joked with the nurse and started crying".

It's been almost half a year since the injury, and Las Heras is recovering. She says it was a strange feeling to be back on the track again:

"I'm in recovery, four months after the operation. Yesterday, I stepped out on the court for the first time and put on my padel shoes again, and I must say it was a strange feeling. It was hard to even step on the grass, but you appreciate them very much when you're in a situation like this. It was a huge joy".

She continues:

"Now I can see that I can do more things, but I can't rush things. I've been here for four months, and I live a normal life, but I can't play sports or compete. It's a time when I must slow down".

Hoping for a comeback next season

The world player believes in a comeback at the beginning of next season:

"In a month, I would like to be more active on the court, but I can't give you an approximate date when I will return. I have realized that it is better to do it right than fast. I'm not going to risk it by trying to come back faster. I will likely be back at the beginning of next season.

Before the injury, Barbara Las Heras shared the court with Veronica Virseda, who, after the incident, teamed up with different players as she was without a partner. At the beginning of June, she teamed up with Claudia Jensen.

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