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Sanyo opens up to play on A1: ”Would love it”


Sanyo Gutierrez on the A1 tour? It could soon become a reality. It is the player himself who reveals his interest in A1 in an interview with Spanish Mundo Deportivo. 
— I would love it, says Sanyo in the interview.

If he chooses, 39-year-old Sanyo Gutierrez could soon start playing on the A1 tour. In an interview with Spain's Mundo Deportivo, he reveals his interest in the circuit and desires to play on A1.

— I like to compete. When my head says I won't win a match with all these players, I will go to A1 Padel, he says in the interview.

And we can expect to see the magician from San Luis soon on the tour led by Fabrice Pastor.  

— I don't know how it works. But if tomorrow the tour owner permits me to play it when I don't play Premier anymore, I would be happy to play it. I would love it.

He further elaborates on what he likes about the tour:

- It's a circuit for the younger ones, who come there to gain experience and rhythm, which opens doors and allows them to become winners. They improve day by day because they play better every day. I wouldn't mind going there tomorrow and playing.

”I watch more of A1 Padel's tour than ours.”

Sanyo Gutierrez has had a tumultuous season on the World Padel Tour and Premier Padel and has recently severed his partnership with Momo Gonzalez. Instead, he now pairs with his nephew Agustin Gutierrez. 

On the A1 tour, however, his other nephew, Cristian Gutierrez, has recently succeeded.

— When I'm at tournaments, and they coincide, I see more of A1 Padel's tour than ours. I love that. I watch the semifinals and the quarterfinals. And if my nephew (Cristian Gutierrez) is there, I watch even more. We have younger players from the academy playing there. 

Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Gutierrez have started their partnership in the best possible way. In yesterday's Round of 16 at the WPT Madrid Masters, the team knocked out Juan Lebron and Ale Galan in three sets.

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