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Pablo Lima confirms: Will join Pro Padel League


Pablo Lima will play his last tournament on the World Padel Tour this weekend. The Brazilian tells the Spanish newspaper AS that he will become part of the American Pro Padel League.

The North American Pro Padel League continues to add significant names to their tour. 

Players like Sebastian Nerone, Marta Marrero, Anna Cortiles, and Juan Martin Diaz are part of the teams participating in the first professional padel league in North America.

When asked about next year, legend Pablo Lima reveals to the Spanish newspaper AS that he will play in the North American league.

— Right now, the only thing I know for sure is that I will play in the American League, where Juan Martin Diaz will also play, and other players may also join. But that is only five dates per year; he says I will start investigating the rest of the possibilities now in October.

It is currently unclear which Pro Padel League team Pablo Lima will join.

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