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Sanyo Gutierrez after the breakup: ”I don't blame Momo”


On Tuesday, the news was confirmed that Sanyo Gutierrez and Momo Gonzalez are separating after four months into the couple's venture. 
Now Gutierrez is speaking out for the first time after the breakup.

Sanyo Gutiérrez and Momo Gonzalez are going their separate ways. This after just over four months of partnership.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Sanyo Gutierrez spoke about the breakup:

— After the match in Paris (Sanyo and Momo lost to Nieto and Sanz), I called Momo. I made the decision myself, but I could see we were both going through a tough period. I couldn't find my level. Maybe it was my presence, body language, and demand for the game that didn't bring out the best version of Momo," Gutierrez tells Mundo Deportivo.

He continues:

— The big mistake came from my side. I didn't know how to control my frustration, and I couldn't bring out the best version of Momo. 

"It's hard for me.”

Sanyo Gutierrez also says it's hard not to be in the title race anymore. The Argentinian believes this may have affected the collaboration.

— When you have come from winning, from being in the final for a long time, it is a difficult process not to be in the final. I don't blame Momo, and it may be that the time has come for me not to be in the final.

He continues: 

— Last year, I won five titles and was in ten finals. Digesting that from one year to the next is hard for me. I only get to three finals and end the year without a title. I have been winning titles for ten years. It's a difficult process to accept. I have to get used to it. Maybe Momo was unlucky that it was the year of change, just when I had a slump".

Sanyo Gutierrez is now partnering with his nephew Agustin Gutierrez. The pair will make their debut next week at the World Padel Tour in Madrid.

— I am looking forward to playing together. I trust my nephew. I saw him play very well in the last tournament in Finland. I told him my idea is to finish the year together, and then we will see. But I don't want him to feel I am using him to finish the year because I trust his level.

He continues:

— I had the chance to play with another player and stay among the top eight pairs in both tours, but I declined.

Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Gutierrez are the tenth-ranked pair in the men's division on the World Padel Tour,

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