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Summary: Here are all the new World Pairs registered for the Madrid Master


Next week is the WPT Madrid Master, which will feature several new pairs on the men's side. Here is the summary. 

The entry list for the World Padel Tour's upcoming tournament, Madrid Master, is now official. As Padel Alto has reported earlier, several new pairs will make their debut in the tournament after a series of breakups and mergers.

Momo González/Javier Garrido (7): After the break with Sanyo Gutiérrez, Momo González will pair up with Spaniard Javier Garrido. According to the Argentine account VeinteDiez, González will switch positions to the forehand side.

Sanyo Gutiérrez/Agustín Gutiérrez (10): Sanyo Gutierrez is paired with his nephew Agustin Gutierrez. The pair expect to play through the season.

Javier Rico/Rafael Méndez (21): Javier Rico has teamed up with Javier Garrido in recent competitions as Lucas Campagnolo has been injured. Now, he is starting a new partnership with Rafael Méndez.

José Rico/Jorge Ruiz (23): José Rico has previously played with Agustín Gutiérrez, now he is paired with Jorge Ruiz.

Lucas Campagnolo is not participating in the competition. In July, the Brazilian suffered a setback in his long-term injury during the Premier Padel in Rome. This has resulted in Campagnolo missing several competitions.

In the women's class, the players continue to work together. However, several pairs went their separate ways before the last WPT event.

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