The European Padel Championship

BREAKING: European Padel Championships postponed


The European Padel Championship 2023 is postponed. The championship will instead be held sometime in 2024. 

Some national team squad is selected and ready for the European Championship. The date for the championship was set for the beginning of October, and according to Padel Alto´s information, it was to be arranged in Sardinia, Italy.

But now the championship seems to be postponed. The first to report this was the Swedish broadcaster Padel-TV. 

Padel Alto has taken note of the letter from FIP that has been sent to the member federations today. 

The federation blames a tight game schedule and negotiations between FIP, Premier Padel, and the World Padel Tour in the letter. It also states that the European Championship will be played in early 2024. 

Padel Alto is seeking Luigi Carraro. 

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