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Tenerife triumph: Arce and Dal Bianco secure seventh title of the season


In a revenge-fueled final showdown, Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco clinched victory in the A1Tenerife Open, sweeping the match in straight sets.

The reigning couple of the A1 Padel circuit, Arce and Dal Bianco, took sweet revenge after last week's nail-biting semifinal in Switzerland. The number ones clinched their seventh title of the season against De Pascual and Alfonso, who struggled to counter their impressive performance.

The circuit's top duo dominated the game from the get-go, amassing a commanding 5-0 lead on the scoreboard within a mere 15 minutes of play. Despite Alfonso and De Pascual's attempts to mount a comeback, they watched the first set slip from their grasp, ending 6-3.

As the second phase of the match unfolded, the Swiss champions managed to level the playing field. However, Arce and Dal Bianco's skills shone through once again on the Tenerife court. They secured two crucial breaks, sealing the deal with a flawless two-set victory of 6-3, 6-3.

With this triumph, the Argentine pair claimed the final tournament of the European leg of the circuit, adding a seventh trophy to their season's collection.

Ready for the American Tour

A1 Padel will now take a break of approximately one month before re-entering the action with the circuit's American tour.

The tour is set to feature six tournaments across four countries. It kicks off in the last week of September with the Asunción Open, followed by stops in Panama, New York, Mexico City, Torreón, and Miami.

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