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A1 padel launches a veterans tour: These are the venues


A1 Padel, led by Fabrice Pastor, is set to begin a veterans tour in 2024. The news was revealed during the A1 tournament in Switzerland.

"If fans are keen, next year we'll introduce an A1 tour for veterans aged 45 and above," Fabrice Pastor stated on the mic during the tournament.

The idea is for the A1 Padel veterans tour to have its own ranking system, and three out of the four venues have already been announced: Buenos Aires, Seville, and Monaco. The fourth venue is still undecided.

The competition will take place the weekend prior to the regular A1 tournaments in each city. Juani Mieres has already indicated his participation in the circuit for the next year. Last week, the legend announced his retirement as a professional padel player.

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