A1 Padel

Alfonso and De Pascual crowned champions in Switzerland


Argentinian duo secures second season title by defeating compatriots Aguirre and Allemandi.

In a thrilling showdown on Swiss courts, the Argentinian pair of Juani De Pascual and Gonzalo Alfonso clinched their championship victory for the second time this season. The duo emerged triumphant in a compelling two-set clash against the circuit's second-ranked team, Tolito Aguirre and Tito Allemandi.

Having stunned the Swiss fans with their upset victory over the circuit's top-ranked players in the semifinals, De Pascual and Alfonso entered the final brimming with confidence. The duo commenced the match in spectacular form, orchestrating two consecutive breaks and decisively securing the first set.

The second part of the match showcased a more balanced exchange, yet Aguirre and Allemandi's counterattack fell short against the relentless drive of the tournament's third-seeded pair. Ultimately, De Pascual and Alfonso claimed victory in a tense tie break, sealing their triumph with a scoreline of 6/1, 7/6.

With this resounding performance, De Pascual and Alfonso concluded a brilliant tournament campaign, toppling the two finest duos in the circuit to ascend as the rulers of Switzerland.

The A1 circuit springs back into action this week, this time on Spanish soil, with the Tenerife Open.


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