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The legend hangs up his racquet: "This will be my final tournament"


Padel legend Juani Mieres is bidding farewell to his professional playing career. His swan song will take place at an FIP Rise tournament in Córdoba, Spain. 

At 42 years old, Juani Mieres is set to soon compete in his last professional padel tournament during the FIP Rise event in Córdoba from August 19 to 24. It marks the conclusion of one of the brightest stars that has played a pivotal role in shaping this sport.

Mieres kicked off his padel journey at a young age in his native Argentina alongside his brother, Diego Mieres, who now coaches the Dutch men's national team. 

In 1998, he formed a partnership with Miguel Lamperti, with whom he would join forces again later in his career. While Juani Mieres retired as a right-handed player, his greatest successes came from the backhand position alongside Pablo Lima, before the Brazilian teamed up with Fernando Belasteguín. Together, they clinched 20 titles on the Pro Padel Tour and World Padel Tour between 2009 and 2014. 

He secured one final title in 2019

Following the split from Pablo Lima, Mieres also secured a title with Sanyo Gutiérrez in Madrid in 2015, and his last triumph came alongside Alejandro Galán as recently as 2019 in Buenos Aires. 

Mieres made the move to Spain early in his career and has, on various occasions, represented Spain in championships instead of Argentina. In 2012, he also tested positive in a doping control, leaving his future in the game uncertain for a considerable time. Juani Mieres will now remain connected to padel as a coach. 

This season, he's coaching the talented Iván Ramírez, based at the prestigious Vita 10 in Madrid.


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