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Legends Unite: "Old School is Cool"


Following their respective breakups, Patty Llaguno and Lucia Sainz have announced their partnership for the remainder of the season.

The latter half of the season will bring about the debut of numerous new pairs on the women's circuit.

After parting ways with Osoro and Orsi, the seasoned players Lucia Sainz (38) and Patty Llaguno (38) have chosen to join forces and have announced they will form a team moving forward.

"Thrilled to be battling from the same side of the court! After so many years of enjoying both on and off the court, we're now forming a team to give it our all. The old school is cool! Let's go," the players wrote on their social media.

The players are already training together, and starting from the World Padel Tour Open in Finland, we'll get to see the two former world number ones in action together.

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