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WPT break: how the stars spend their vacations


An intense competition schedule has characterized the stars of padel this spring. Now, with a few weeks off from touring, these are some of the destinations the world players have chosen to recharge their batteries. 

Martín Di Nenno

One of the top players in the men's ranking took the opportunity to support the football team he loves: Boca Juniors. The match went to penalties and the presence of the padel star probably influenced the result, as Boca Juniors won. 

Gemma Triay

Gemma has been very busy with her separation from Ale Salazar, which has been in the news. During her break she visited Greece, specifically Mykonos, to spend the holidays with her family.

Ariana Sánchez 

The world number one chose to recharge her batteries in Menorca, enjoying its sunny beaches and crystal clear waters.

Paquito Navarro

Paquito opted to spend his holidays with his family in Spain. Of course, his racquet couldn't be missing from his suitcase. 

Arturo Coello 

The world number one chose to spend his holidays in Ibiza, enjoying the night and sailing with a group of friends who "coincidentally" are many familiar faces. 

In the photo: Javier Barahona, Arturo Tienza, Jaime 'Chipi' Muñoz, Julio Extremera, Coki Nieto and José Gaspar. 

Marta Ortega

Like her new teammate, Gemma Triay, Dr. Ortega also chose Greece to spend time with her family.


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