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Official: Carolina Orsi introduces her new partner


After concluding her sports project alongside Patty Llaguno, Italian player Carolina Orsi has revealed a new teammate. 

Prior to the summer break, several women's circuit duos opted to part ways.

One of the pairs announcing their separation was the one formed by Carolina Orsi and Patty Llaguno. The players had started their sports venture in May, but results fell short of expectations, leading the pair to split after a mere 3 months together.

Now, Carolina Orsi has announced her new partner. The chosen one is 32-year-old Spanish player Carla Mesa, who previously played alongside Ariadna Cañellas.

"Get ready to give it our all in the upcoming tournaments! We're eager for it!" the players wrote on Instagram.

The duo will make their debut in two weeks at the World Padel Tour Open 1000 in Finland.


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